The workshop is a mindset shift that helped me to a be peaceful parent-Menna El Mosheneb

My interview with Menna a mother of 7 years old boy after attending Hand in Hand Parenting classes


What is the main challenge that let you attend Hand in Hand Parenting classes?


  • Kids those days are very stubborn ,very difficult to handle
  • The traditional approach (yelling ,punish...) is not leading to any result to let him listen to me
  • The society pressure that guides you and your child in a wrong direction

what was the main added value on you as a mother and one your child?


  • Accepting my child ,accepting his behavior problems (shyness ,tantrum ....).
  • I feel more peace inside me and in my reaction
  • The workshop is a mindset shift to what s going inside me and in understanding my child


Thanks Menna for the interview and for your efforts a mother


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