The biggest pressure on mothers…Guess What?

One the major problem that parents face with their children is

Our society….Our culture….People around us

  • Are people around you telling you why you are doing this to your child? You are spoiling him!
  • Are you continuously hearing blame and negative comments from every body?
  • Do you feel everybody accusing you for not being a good mother?
  • Do you start to be harsh with your kid not for his sake but as a reaction to people criticism ?

A mother was telling me in one of the session: “My girl hits her doll” .

I asked the mother:  “What is your problem when your girl does this?”.

She replied: “I am afraid that she does this in front of people”

Her concern is not the behavior of her child , it is the people reaction , when they will see what her daughter is doing.

Another mother told me that she became very nervous with her son when she moved to Egypt.

When she was not living in her country she was much more calm with him.


Same mother, same child, but different culture!


We created this culture but we can change it all TOGETHER

How to do this ?

Let s Start by ourselves:

  • Start by not judging others mothers, let s make a belief every mother is doing her best
  • Stop telling negative comments to other mothers, in fact let s spread appreciation for parents.
  • Lets stop judging kids too. We all have tendency and beliefs about our kids ,we think badly and negatively ,about them let stop that.
  • Let's train ourselves to think positively about our children

Hand in Hand workshop not only help your to raise your kid, but it support to feel positive about yourself and about your children.

You can’t improve your behavior with your child unless you feel motivated and empowered mother.

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