Raising a daughter confidence after being bullied

A week ago a mother came to me with her daughter 11 years old after being bullied from her friends 


Her friends kept telling her that she looks ugly and her hair is ugly too


The result is that girl was so depressed ,she stayed away from her friends and felt so lonely


She lost trust in herself and her looking .


Her mother told me after being bullied she is always doing a ponytail and refuse to do anything in her hair due to her friends bad comments to her


During the whole session the girl was crying she was saying “ No body loves”


“ Even your parents “ me asking


She replied ” Yes even my parents”


Sometimes we do the best for our children by the wrong way by our way


And here is result


No trust for their parents care and love


When a child feels that his parents don’t love him,he losses trust in everything 


After my consultation with the parents and few days after the session the mother sent me a message, which I am showing only a part for crediblity


“The girl now want to make every day new style in her hair although she was refusing that totally after being bullied”


“Nothing would makes me more happy except seeing a smile back on a depressed child and to support a mother while handling such challenges with her child “


Dalia Abu Alam

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