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Hand in Hand Parenting Workshop@6th October

May 10, 2017 @ 11:00 am - May 24, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

  • Do you feel stressed parent
  • Do you face moments when you can’t bare your child, loose your temper, scream ,yell?
  • You regret your reaction!
  • Do you know that such stress affect your child behavior, attitude, development?
  • You wish to behave better in those stressful moments?
  • Do you wish to relief you parenting stress, feel motivated, empowered parent?
  • Do you wish to be a mindful present parent especially in those stressful moments?
  • Is your child stubborn, never obey nor listen to you?
  • Does he act aggressively, repeat same bad behavior, never stop nor learn?
  • Tried every thing to stop his aggression,bad behavior  nothing is working?
  • Do  you wish your child to be calm , listen to you and trust your advice?
  • Do you wish to handle his stubbornness,aggression  positively ?and less stress-fully and let him think and listen to you?
  • Do you wish to bond,build connection with your child?

Our workshop offer  simple and easy tools proven over 40 years that you can do 10 minutes a day to help your child listen to you and cooperate with you, moreover develop his personality positively

Workshop details:

Class 1:How to be mindful parent&raise confident child

  • Relief your parenting stress
  • How you can be a mindfull present parent using simple tips
  • Choose the proper way and time to communicate and discipline your child, you cannot disciplines your child 24 hours a day
  • Learn best proactive tool to develop your child thinking capabilities
  • Raise a confident, skillful and creative child
  • We don’t only want our children to behave positively we want them to learn ,think and understand so not to repeat bad behavior

Class 2: Handle child behavior problems positively and less stressfuly

  • Learn the reasons of your child bad behavior, aggression, stubbornness,…..your child can’t receive orders 24 hours he wants to show his power as well
  • Learn practical tool that will help you to solve your child stubbornness and aggression positively and less stress-fully
  • Build connection, trust, respect with your child even in the stressful moments,your child need your care ,attention even when he does something wrong

Class  3: Develop child emotional intelligence and handle tears and tantrums positively

  •  Know best tool to handle your child  tantrum , crying, bad emotions, our target not only to stop your child crying, upset, our target is to support him to solve his problem
  • Develop your child emotional intelligence.Kids those days are very stressed which affect their behavior, aggression, we cannot change our stressful life, but we can help them to heal such stress  to heal it, calm,relaxed. think and learn
  • Emotional Intelligent is more important than IQ,if you have a smart intelligent child, he won’t be able to use his intelligence when his mind is full of stress/emotions

 Classes not only help your to raise your child positively but it support you in your parenting journey, relief your parenting stress, energise you to be a positive ,calm, and confident parent

(Suitable for parents of children ages 0 to 10 years)


“First time to took a parenting course to understand that well, be happy and apply these simple tools“ Sara Fahmy a mother of one girl

“Classes helped my one year older daughter to listen to me “ Randa El Rowainy

“Tools helped to stop my child aggressive behavior, hitting“ Noha Osama a mother of one year old boy

“My child to listen and trust my advice after applying the tools“ Reem Nasser a mother of a nine year old boy

“Classes helped to bond with my children” Reham El Sherif  a mother of two children

“Classes helped me to think well and be a better parent“ Hoda Samir a mother of two children


Fees: EGP 350 for the first class only and EGP 850 for the 3 classes

date& time calendar

Date: Wednesdays 10,17 and 24th of May

 Time: 11 AM till 2 PM


Location: Soul wellness, Mall 5 buildings area, Beverly Hills 2nd floor


For  reservation call 01111888555

Registration close on Monday 8th of May


Only 10 places available to ensure you receive parenting consultation in the classes

About instructor

cover photo

  • Dalia parenting story started years before studying parenting
  • It started when she noticed how parents negative attitude affects their children emotional state and accordingly their behavior
  • She wanted to help children to let  their parents understand them and  deal positively with them
  • After she studied parenting and she herself became a mom,she then doesn’t care only to help children but she cares to support parents too
  • Dalia is certified Parenting instructor from Hand in Hand US based organisation,her target is to make a remarkable change in the way we raise children in Egypt
  • Dalia also provided parenting workshop in multinational companies,and nurseries.


May 10, 2017 @ 11:00 am
May 24, 2017 @ 2:00 pm


Soul Wellness


  • Passant adel

    Reply Reply March 19, 2017

    Plz i want to be updated in any course in 6th october

    • admin

      Reply Reply March 19, 2017

      Sure Passant

    • admin

      Reply Reply April 25, 2017

      A new round in 6th October will start by 10th of May. An email is sent to you with the details

  • Marwa El Meligui

    Reply Reply March 20, 2017

    I was wondering if you have courses suitable for working mothers, coz this one is in the morning of a working day

    • admin

      Reply Reply March 20, 2017

      Thanks Marwa for your interest.

      I Will do classes on Saturdays by end of April but actually in Heliopolis

      Unfortunately in 6th October can’t do any weekends classes
      Sorry for that

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