My son tantrums after the classes are much less- Yasmin Abdel Maboud

My interview with Yasmin , a mother of two children ( age 2 years and 10 months ) after completing Hand in Hand Parenting workshop


What was the main challenges as a parent for you before attending Hand in Hand Parenting classes?


  • My child is stubborn he doesn't listen to me at all
  • He had a lot of tantrums. He was very nervous child and I couldn't handle him

What was the main value the Hand in Hand parenting classes for you as a mother and your son?


  • Classes offered a lot of techniques that helped to be a calm mother and to calm my son too.
  • His tantrums are much less now . Before the classes we use to have huge tantrum twice a day now we have it twice a week
  • My bond bond with him is much more stronger after the classes


Thank you Yasmin for your feedback and for your efforts a mother with your children


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