In the Online classes we were all able to communicate, share our experiences …it was really great Ola Ramadan


My interview with Ola a mother of one year and 4 months old boy after few weeks from attending Hand in Hand Parenting online classes?


What was your main challenge Ola before joining Hand in Hand Parenting online classes?


  • I want to learn to communicate with my son  especially during his tantrum and his behavior problems
  • I want to treat my child different than our culture. Most the parents in our culture are yelling, complaining ,talking negatively about their children where we don't see this abroad
  • I want to know how to win my child and build a relation with him

What was the main value the Hand in Hand parenting classes for you as a mother and your son?

  • I became more calm with him which impacted my son too and he became calmer
  • I became more understanding of his behavior problems.
  • I became more thinking mother who find solution when I face problem with my son ,for a example once he throw himself on the floor I became very upset if I didn't take the course I would have yelled at him , but now I know how to communicate with him using Hand in Hand parenting tips and this resulted that he stand up by himself and came to me.
  • I learned to find solution for myself too when I cant bare his tantrum and I am busy ,stressed can't handle him.I learned how take my time out in the proper time.
  • I learned to put myself in his shoes.


What is your feedback for the online classes ?

  • It was really great experience it saved me a lot of time and efforts as a mother.
  • The classes were great we all were able to communicate, share our experiences ,and  bonded together.





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