I was able to communicate with my son after the classes-Balsam Amin

My interview with Balsam, a mother of a two years boy after few months from attending the Hand in Hand Parenting workshop


What was your main challenge as a mother before attending Hand in Hand Parenting workshop?

  • I was very stressed ,anxious parent especially during my child tantrum
  • I couldn't handle his continuous crying especially when he insists on getting something
  • I didn't know how to communicate with him he wasn't still talking,I was sure that there should be other proper way to handle him and handle myself


What the main impact of the classes on you as a mother and your child?

  • The classes helped a lot to focus on myself and to improve my parenting skills
  • The techniques offered in the classes helped me to manage my stress and to know how not to reach my peak
  • Although my child still doesn't talk I could understand him and addresses his needs
  • I know now how to establish positive communication channel with him despite his young age
  • I became much more calm mother and thus my child is much more relaxed

Thank you Balsam for your efforts as a mother. It is my pleasure to post your success story on my blog

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