How to stop kids whining?


  • A mother asked her child : "I want to ask your father to take us for a trip ,how do you think should I convince him ?"
  • The girl replied : "زني يا ماما whine mom"
  • The mother asked: "What if he didn't accept ?"
  • The daughter replied : "زني كمان whine more"

From where children get this whining strategy?


Unfortunately from us!

  • When we respond to their whining, when we gave up and give them what they want


  • They are very smart and knew that it is very powerful and effective strategy to get what they want


But they don’t give up ,they continuously whine!

  • Yes they won't give up because they have nothing in mind except to get what they want


  • They have all their energy, they are not tired ,busy like you

What shall we do?


We adopted this strategy and we have to STOP it

 But how?

I feel tired exhausted,stressed parent. I  can’t handle his whining. I can’t even bear his voice while he continuous request and ask for things


How to stop his whining ? What tool should I use? 


Hand in Hand parenting classes offer New and Easy parenting tools to:

  • Handle your stress in the most challenging moments you face with your children during his whining
  • Stop your children whining ,behavior problem positively and effectively
  • Let your children understand so not to repeat same problem again and again

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