Do you feel sometimes that your kids are not happy?

Many mothers came and tell me that they don’t see their kids laughing and happy as they should be 

Although parents do their best to make nice outing for their children and get them lovely toys, but they are not happy.


When  I decided to quit my engineering job in one of the big multi company and many of my friends and relatives were telling me I am crazy ,especially after the dollar increase and the economic situation in Egypt


I was really seeing that this field of consultation for  kids will increase


Because YES Kids are depressed and parents will need help and consultation to solve their kids issues as they won’t be able to do it alone in the tough environment we are living in (social pressure ,economic pressure,peer pressure and more)


Although we do tons of things for our children but they are still unhappy


How come?


Yes because we re doing tons of things for them ,we are missing to be with them


I mean be with them ‘sitting on the floor on the couch, talk ,play and laugh freely without thinking of what to do next


Leaving Kids for hours on TV and mobile, because we want to do our staff  it makes them unhappy as nothing make kids happy is when they play ,and they interact with people,especially their parents


We are stressed ,rushing and sometimes we can’t bare our children our behavior just because we can’t take it anymore


Guess what!


When we do have positive interaction with our children not only makes our children happy but it makes us too


What to do then?


Like any difficult job we need not only to read and take courses but we need training


If you don’t play sports and I ask to go the gym and play for an hour continuously , will you be able to do it


Of course not you. can’t, it will be too hard for you


But if I ask you to go and play for 5 minutes a day and then next day 10 minutes and next day 15. …after  few months will you be to play for an hour


Because you trained your muscles


And same training is needed for our brain


Our attitude,behavior  towards our children is coming from our brain


Our behavior is a result of our thinking of what s going inside our mind and not due to children behavior


This what I help in Hand in Hand Parenting workshop to train you to be the best parent you can be


I help you  to be a calm parent without controlling your temper in fact I help you to get out your stress and anger


All of you know that we need to consider our children emotions what about parents don’t their emotions need to be considered too, supported , understood ,listen without being judged!


Not only that all mothers who attended with me the workshop before , requested from me continuation that why, I will offer


🌸 Circle of  Support🌸


to help them to be on track and to continuously feel supported and  understood




If you are click on this link and be with us in the next round can’t wait to have you in our journey


Meanwhile I am sending you this roses
 🌹 🌹🌹
till I see you Insha Allah



Dalia Abu Alam

A dream for a  better EGYPT but cant make it without you

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