“Bullying….I can handle”-Flash Cards


"Bullying...I can handle" flash cards help victim , bullied child to respond back to the bully without being forced or pushed by their parents but by helping him to think of a response of his own , and most important have the courage and confidence to respond.



  • You feel hurt and frustrated when you child come to you being bullied, hurt by his friend ?
  • You are afraid that he will turn to be a victim, a weak child who cannot respond to his mean friend?
  • You feel you want to go and kill the bully, because you can’t bare your child hurt?
  • You want him to be strong, respond powerfully to the mean kid, but in the same time not to be a bully himself?
  • You tell him things to do, to respond back to the mean kid, to go and tell the teacher, but he does nothing!
  • You feel down, helpless, don’t know what to do?
First thing I want to tell you , don’t take it that hard on the opposite I want you to take that this is an opportunity for your kid to learn


I was exactly like you and I know how you feel


I am a  Parenting consultant and instructor ,I delivered thousands of workshop, helped parents to raise healthy happy kids
and Guess what my child has bee bullied


I felt crazy, frustrated


but as I always do, I learned and work to help myself and others
I designed these  Bullying Flash Cards to help mothers of victim child to let their child respond back to the bully without pushing him, instead tit will help them to respond back by their own way, when they will think of the solution , when they are ready, have the courage & confidence to handle the bully


How that?


The best effective tool that help  kids to  learn  is storytelling, seeing pictures, situations from real live cases examples
The main target of these responses is to let the bully stop his aggressive attitude
The purpose  of the bully is to see the bullied child victim unhappy, but when the victim shows him that he doesn’t care he will stop repeating this aggressive behavior
What s in these Flash Cards?
It offers 15 bullying situations ( 33 flash cards) from real live examples , where bullied respond in powerful way, stating what he wants, showing that he doesn’t care
In addition to 5 flash cards for you mommies, to offer you Parenting tips of what to do with your kid how to respond to him when comes to you hurt, frustrated when his friend was mean to him
When you tell your child what to do ,how to respond he doesn’t do anything why
Because  if he needs to read to practice it , to absorb the respond and to be able to do it real live examples, so these flash cards help him to practise and absorb it the more he reads the more he will catch it





Frequent Asked Questions 

What do I expect from my child after I read to him the flash cards?

Its might take a few times, when you start to see a reaction / response from him, it depends on his personality , his thinking capabilities and his development .

He might start to tell you after you read him the flash cards cases of bullying that occurred to him.

He might come after few days to tell you about a bullying incident and how he responded

Kids react at their own pace , when they feel ready, and most important when they feel they have the confidence and the courage.


Do I keep tell my child to answer the bully like responses mentioned in the flash cards?

No , don’t try to be pushy or have an agenda to force him while you read it to him. On the opposite I want you to have fun and enjoy it while you are reading the cards with him.

Kids absorb all the information by baby steps and then start to react when they feel ready


Do I need to read it more than once?

Yes of course but one after another

Just read it once a day. it s a fun and enjoying time not a task you have to do it


Are any tips for me as a parent in the flash cards?


Yes there are tips that help you to understand the benefit of each solutions,  in addition to some tips you can use it  when you kid tell  you about his emotional hurt.


Starting  which age is the Flash Cards?

Starting 3 years