Hand in Hand Parenting workshop

Hand in Hand offers SIMPLE & EASY Parenting tools proven over 40 years

  • Do you feel stressed ,helpless parent ?
  • Do you face moments when you can’t bare your child, loose your temper, scream ,yell?
  • You regret your reaction!
  • Do you know that such stress affect your child behavior, attitude, development?
  • You wish to behave better in those stressful moments?
  • Do you wish to be a mindful present parent especially in those stressful moments?
  • Is your child stubborn, never obey nor listen to you?
  • Does he act aggressively, repeat same bad behavior, never stop nor learn?
  • Tried every thing to stop his aggression,bad behavior nothing is working?
  • Do you wish your child to be calm , listen to you and trust your advice?
  • Do you wish to handle his stubbornness,aggression positively ? and less stress-fully and let him think and listen to you?
  • Do you wish to bond,build connection with your child?