My children became more flexible and I became calmer mother after the classes

My interview with Amira Baroud a mother of two children after one year from attending the Parenting classes.

What was your main challenges Amira before joining the Hand in Hand Parenting classes?

-I was really struggling with my two children , the older one, two years old was very active, not listening to me, the little one 1 year old was needing attention.

-I wanted to raise my children based on science and proper knowledge.

What was the impact of the classes on you as a mother and on your children?

For me as a mother:

1-I became calmer, and my behavior improved with them as I understood their  behavior ad the reasons of their problems.

2-I learned to put myself in their shoes.

3-I learn to take care of myself and my needs especially when I am tired , and out of balance.

4-When I reacted un-properly with them I revised my reaction and the reason for my behavior, to improve it next time.

For my children:

1-They became much more flexible, they listen to me and care for me much more.

2-Their stubbornness when he wanted  something  and whining has dramatically decreased.

3-I learned how to explain to them the  reasons when I refuse their request using the Hand in Hand approach and they get convinced.

4- People around me commented on how my behavior with my children was really different and calmer


Thank you Amira for your great and continuous efforts with your children.It is my pleasure to post your efforts.


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