I face much less power struggle with my son after the classes-Shaimaa Bassiouni

My interview with Shaimaa a mother of a 7 years old boy after few months from attending the classes.

What was your main challenge, Shaimaa before joining Hand in Hand Parenting classes?

  • My son was not listening to me at all, which was very stressful for me.


  • I coudn't control his anger, and tantrums.I was really frustrated when he got nervous without any reason..


What was the main benefit of the classes for you as a mother and for your son?

  • I became more calm, now I understand him and understand his behavior.


  • I was able to calm him during his tantrum as now I understand the underline reasons for his anger, which really helped me to sympathize with him.
  • When I change the way I communicate with him using the Hand in Hand tips, he became much more flexible and listen to me much more smoothly


  • His tantrum and anger are much more less as now I know how to connect with him, and how connection helped him to be much more calm.


Is there is anything you would like to add Shaimaa?

I wish that I have known these tools in the first few years of my son, it would have saved me so much hassle and wasted efforts.

It would helped me to bond with my son and build strong relation for his early stage.

Thank you Shaimaa your efforts and for your message addressed to other mothers to start understand their children properly from the first few months to avoid major problems in the future due to lack of knowledge and understanding



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