Five different solutions for your kid to stop the bully

“Bullying..I can handle “

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Five different solutions for your kid to stop the bully 

  • You feel hurt and frustrated when you child come to you being bullied by his friend ?
  • You are afraid that he will turn to be a victim, a weak child who cannot respond to his mean friend?
  • You feel you want to go and kill the bully, because you can’t bare your child hurt?
  • You tell him things to do, to respond back to go and tell the teacher, but he does nothing!
  • You want him to be strong, respond powerfully to the mean kid, but in the same time not to be a bully himself?
  • You feel down, helpless, don’t know what to do?

First thing I want to tell you , don’t take it that hard on the opposite I want you to take it as an opportunity for your kid to learn

And Yes by this ” Bullying …I can handle it” Flash Cards not only your child will learn but he will think, be strong and respond back to the bully with confidence and courage




When you tell your child what to do with the bully , he does what you tell him to do ?
No , he doesn’t!
Why ?
As kids don’t learn by teaching and guiding they learn by story telling ,seeing pictures, situations from real live cases examples.
Also he needs to listen to the story several times , to practice it , to absorb the responses to be able to respond in real live cases.
These flash cards includes 15 different situations from real live examples where kids have been bullied along with the responses of the kid to stop the bully.
The main target of these responses is to let the bully stop his aggressive attitude, and  for the kid to have the confidence and courage while responding to the mean kid.
Not only that , there are 5 flash cards for you mommies, explaining to you each solution and offering you Parenting tips of what to do with your kid, how to respond to him when comes to you hurt, frustrated when his friend was mean to him.





Why I designed these flash cards and who am I?

I am a Parenting instructor and consultant , I provide tons of Parenting workshop to parents to help them raise their kids positively.
I had a 4 years old girl who have been bullied by her friend , she returned each day from school with severe tantrums.
The problem she wasn’t even aware she was being bullied ,first year of school, first time to deal with such pressure.
After working closely with her mother and let the mother spend with her one to one time , reading her these cards.
The girl started to tell her what happen to her at school , that her friend does to her like these cards, she started to reflect what was happening to her.
This is the first aim of these cards, to let them open up and say if any of his friend is mean to him.
Even if you haven’t notice that your child has been bullied yet , I recommend to start reading it .
When kids are bullied ,sometimes they are embarrassed to talk about it, they feel this happen to them only.
The feel they are bad , that s why they are being bullied.
These cards help them to feel they are not alone, the problem are not in them at all.
It encourages them more and more to respond powerfully to the bully, when they see how the kids respond strongly in the card.


What are the solutions offered in the cards?

When you tell your child to go and respond to the bully he doesn’t do what you tell him.
As this is your solution to his problem.
That is the second aim of these cards to develop your child problem solving skills, to give the space to see different solutions and choose the one that suits him
The “Bullying…I can handle” flash cards offer five different solutions with different situations to let your child choose from , at his own pace and let him catch the solution that will click with him.
These solutions are about letting your child to be confident …have courage and support others 

  • q-iconWhat are the age suitable for these cards?

    They are suitable for age 3+

  • q-iconWhat do I expect from my child after I read with him these cards ?

    Keep reading several times , without any expectations , your child absorbs and will get out a response at his own pace.

  • q-iconDo I keep tell my child to answer the bully like the cards?

    No, don’t try to push him give him his own space and time 

  • q-iconHow do I read the cards with him?

    Just like you are ready a story, it is not a task





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